MOTO : Smart Transportation & Technology



A revolution in transportation is underway, the biggest change in transportation since the invention of the wheel.

Self-driving electric vehicles are coming. Their arrival has the potential to completely transform transportation and in the process completely change the way we travel, how we live, and urban environments around the world. We believe the coming smart transportation revolution may be the biggest single catalyst for change in human history.

The convergence of driverless electric vehicles with transportation as a service (application-based ride sharing) could mean consumers save billions of dollars annually on transportation; hundreds of thousands of lives saved; significantly reduced carbon emissions and, if done right, the end of grid lock style traffic.

The SmartETFs Smart Transportation & Technology ETF (MOTO) is for investors that recognize these changes are underway and seek to invest in this revolution.

The Smart Transportation & Technology ETF trades on the NYSE under the symbol MOTO.

MOTO takes an intelligent approach; an actively managed ETF can adapt to changes in this highly competitive sector.

More information is available on the Smart Transportation & Technology ETF page and in our white paper: The Smart Transportation Revolution.