Smart Transportation & Technology


Self-driving cars, electric vehicles, flying taxis? These technologies could change your life and reshape cities around the world.

EVs, AVs, and transportation as a service can make life more efficient, save consumers billions of dollars, and save tens of thousands of lives each year.


MOTO is the ETF for investing in autonomous and electric vehicles and transportation as a service.

MOTO is actively managed, fully transparent. The Fund is approximately equally weighted and holds 35 positions. We believe in low turnover.


The SmartETFs Smart Transportation & Technology ETF will invest in companies that we believe will benefit from this revolution in transportation. This includes companies that manufacture, distribute, service, offer, support, or enable the following: electric vehicles, autonomous vehicles, transportation as a service, flying autonomous vehicles, autonomous or electric public transportation, and hyperloop-based transportation, for passengers or goods.

The ETF is actively managed and fully transparent, investing in approximately 35 equally weighted positions on a global basis. You can see the full list of current holdings below.


The Smart Transportation & Technology ETF seeks long term capital appreciation from investments involved in the manufacture, development, distribution, and servicing of autonomous or electric vehicles (including related products, components, or parts) which may be passenger or commercial or freight, and technologies and products relating to the underlying enabling services, ride sharing, vehicle technologies, battery or fuel production and storage, charging, smart grids, networks, efficiency technologies and other activities, services and products that enable or enhance autonomous or electric vehicles (both ground-based and airborne), and companies involved in related developments or technologies to support autonomous or electric vehicles including infrastructure, roadways, or other pathways.

HOLDINGS as of 01/24/2020
4.38TESLA INC564.82208117,482.56
3.26ANSYS INC277.3431687,639.44
3.23SKYWORKS SOLUTIONS INC122.3170886,595.48
3.21SAMSUNG SDI CO LTD /KRW/242.3835686,287.35
3.21NVIDIA CORP250.4834486,165.12
3.14INTEL CORP68.471,23284,355.04
3.09ON SEMICONDUCTOR CORP24.993,31682,866.84
3.06ALPHABET INC-CL C1,466.715682,135.76
3.02NXP SEMICONDUCTORS NV135.2860081,168.00
3.00GENTHERM INC47.801,68480,495.20