Dividend Builder ETF

What’s better than dividend income? Growing dividend income. Dividends can grow over time and historically have grown at a rate that exceeds the rate of inflation.

 DIVS takes a thoughtful approach. Many dividend growth ETFs focus on the dividend history. We prefer to look at the economic fundamentals of each company.

DIVS invests with a quality bias. We seek companies that have growing dividends, persistently high rates of return on capital, and low levels of debt.

DIVS offers access to high-quality dividend growers in a single transaction. DIVS generally holds approximately 35 equally weighted positions.


The SmartETFs Dividend Builder ETF invests globally in high quality dividend growers; companies with a long history of persistently high return on capital.

Other dividend strategies often focus on one of the following:

1. High dividend yield

2. History of the dividend

We believe that both of these strategies are flawed, as they often fail to identify what factors are generating the dividend. When building the DIVS portfolio, portfolio managers perform a detailed review to seek the following:

– Persistent cashflow: We seek companies that have achieved a real cash flow on investment of at least 10% on capital for each of the last 10 years.

– Sound balance sheets: We seek companies that have low levels of debt.

– Value: We seek to purchase shares at a time when target companies are trading at the low end of their peers, low end of their history, and low end of their industry.

All of this is meant to produce a portfolio of dividend paying companies that has the potential to be able to grow their dividends consistently over time.


The SmartETFs Dividend Builder ETF seeks a moderate level of current income and consistent dividend growth at a rate that exceeds inflation.

Performance data over 1 year is annualized
Year to Date4.00%4.00%4.92%
1 Year43.35%43.35%54.03%
3 Year11.98%11.98%12.80%
5 Year12.27%12.27%13.35%
Since Inception10.88%10.88%10.96%

As of Quarter End 03/31/2021FUND NAVMARKET PRICEINDEX
Year to Date4.00%4.00%4.92%
1 Year43.35%43.35%54.03%
3 Year11.98%11.98%12.80%
5 Year12.27%12.27%13.35%
Since Inception10.88%10.88%10.96%

Performance data quoted represents past performance and is no guarantee of future results. Investment returns and principal value of an investment will fluctuate so that an investor’s shares, when redeemed, may be worth more or less than their original cost. Current performance may be lower or higher than quoted. Performance data for the most recent month-end is available above.

An open-end mutual fund managed by Guinness Atkinson Asset Management was converted into the ETF as of March 29, 2021 upon commencement of the ETF operations. SmartETFs Dividend Builder ETF adopted the performance history of its predecessor mutual fund, the Guinness Atkinson Dividend Builder Fund. For periods prior to the commencement of ETF operations, the fund’s performance is that of the mutual fund. Prior to the reorganization, the mutual fund had investment objectives, policies and strategies that were, in all material respects, the same as those of the ETF, and was managed in a materially similar manner.

The fund Benchmark Index is the MSCI World Index.

The MSCI World Index is a broad global equity index that represents large and mid-cap equity performance across 23 developed markets countries. It covers approximately 85% of the free float-adjusted market capitalization in each country and MSCI world index does not offer exposure to emerging markets.

An investor cannot invest directly in an index.

Market Price: The current price at which shares are bought and sold. Market returns are based upon the last trade price.

NAV: The dollar value of a single share, based on the value of the underlying assets of the fund minus its liabilities, divided by the number of shares outstanding. Calculated at the end of each business day.

HOLDINGS as of 04/14/2021
3.692020ANTA SPORTS PRODUCTS LTDCOMMON STOCK18.0952,000940,809.88G04011105
2.97BLKBLACKROCK INCCOMMON STOCK801.07946757,812.2509247X101
2.97DB1DEUTSCHE BOERSE AGCOMMON STOCK177.824,260757,516.75D1882G119
2.92MSFTMICROSOFT CORPCOMMON STOCK255.592,907743,000.12594918104
2.89SUSCHNEIDER ELEC SACOMMON STOCK159.104,635737,421.25F86921107
2.88AJGARTHUR J GALLAGHER & COCOMMON STOCK132.985,514733,251.75363576109
2.87TSMTAIWAN SEMICONDUCTOR-SP ADRCOMMON STOCK120.846,046730,598.62874039100
2.87MDTMEDTRONIC PLCCOMMON STOCK123.905,896730,514.38G5960L103
2.86VFCVF CORPCOMMON STOCK83.988,675728,526.50918204108
2.85HEN3HENKEL AG & CO KGAACOMMON STOCK117.296,190726,046.56D3207M110
HOLDINGS as of 04/13/2021
3.572020ANTA SPORTS PRODUCTS LTDCOMMON STOCK17.4852,000909,152.88G04011105
2.98BLKBLACKROCK INCCOMMON STOCK802.49946759,155.5609247X101
2.97DB1DEUTSCHE BOERSE AGCOMMON STOCK177.144,260754,599.56D1882G119
2.95MSFTMICROSOFT CORPCOMMON STOCK258.492,907751,430.44594918104
2.91SUSCHNEIDER ELEC SACOMMON STOCK159.854,635740,917.44F86921107
2.90AJGARTHUR J GALLAGHER & COCOMMON STOCK133.955,514738,600.31363576109
2.88TSMTAIWAN SEMICONDUCTOR-SP ADRCOMMON STOCK121.276,046733,198.44874039100
2.87HEN3HENKEL AG & CO KGAACOMMON STOCK118.006,190730,389.56D3207M110
2.86MDTMEDTRONIC PLCCOMMON STOCK123.635,896728,922.50G5960L103
2.86OTISOTIS WORLDWIDE CORPCOMMON STOCK71.1210,238728,126.5668902V107

*The Adviser has contractually agreed to reduce its fees and/or pay ETF expenses (excluding acquired fund fees and expenses, interest, taxes, dividends on short positions and extraordinary expenses) in order to limit the Fund’s total annual operating expenses to 0.65% through June 30, 2024. This contractual arrangement may be terminated by the Board of the Fund at any time without penalty upon 60 days’ notice.

The Fund invests in securities that pay dividends, and there is no guarantee that the securities held by the Fund will declare or pay dividends in the future, or that dividends will remain at current levels or increase. Investments in foreign securities involve greater volatility, political, economic and currency risks and differences in accounting methods. These risks are greater for emerging markets countries. For more information on the risks of investing in this Fund, please see the prospectus.