Our Themes

We live in an era of rapid and profound change. We believe that there are four key mega themes driving and shaping this change. The SmartETFs family of ETFs are designed to capitalize on these mega themes.


Innovation is a key behind economic growth and profits. Importantly, innovation isn’t just technology, it is found in product and service offerings and business models. Innovative companies have a competitive edge and are a leading contributor to rapid change.


Savings rates, GDP rates and other economic keys are heavily influenced by demographics. Globally, birth rates are declining as global per capita GDP growth increases. These demographic changes will have a large impact on the future.

Social Responsibility

Social responsibility includes Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) and impact investing. It also encompasses the idea that positive political and economic forces are at work to solve seemingly intractable issues such as climate change and social equality.


One third of the world’s population lives in Asia and the region is experiencing rapid economic growth and increasing global influence. It is impossible to think about the future and not recognize Asia’s impact.



The Connection

Chicken or egg? Innovation, social responsibility, a growing Asia, changing demographics and global GDP growth; which of these factors are driving the others? That’s hard to say but clearly there is a strong connection between these themes. Social responsibility and innovation can drive growth while growth can drive innovation and social responsibility. The economic energy and demographics of Asia benefit from and feed into innovation and economic growth. Think of these four themes as the ying & yang & yang & ying of planet change.


Our Management

SmartETFs are brought to you by Guinness Atkinson Asset Management.

The Smart Transportation & Technology ETF, launched in November 2019, is our first ETF. But, we’re old hands at managing mutual funds; we currently manage eight traditional mutual funds, the oldest of which launched in 1994. Our asset management team is based in London. For more information visit the About Us page.


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